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Happy Holidays

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Mapping out dad’s future care

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Dear Carol: My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He’s considered Stage 2, according to the doctor, which is apparently quite early. Yet, I see many challenges now and of course many more in the future. How do we approach this? – Jon

Dear Jon: Alzheimer’s professionals have designated stages to describe where a person is in the course of the disease. Labels tend to give people a feeling of …(Read More)

Communicating After Stroke Takes Extra Time and Caring

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Dear Carol: My dad had a severe stroke last month. He’s home now and in a wheelchair. What I find the most difficult to deal with is his speech. He’s getting therapy but he gets so frustrated that I hate to put him through the effort of speaking. Also, he has what the therapist calls aphasia, so he can’t always remember what objects are called. That, of course, frustrates him …(Read More)

There’s No Timeline for Grief

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Dear Carol: My mom died six months ago and I’m still having a hard time accepting her death. I keep thinking about what I could or should have done better when she was still with me. I don’t communicate my grief to my family members because they think I should be over it by now. They seem to be getting on with their lives just fine, but I’m not. …(Read More)