MedHelper Cloud

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the past year from all sorts of people using the MedHelper App. People speak to us about what they want in the way of features, functionality, what they liked and sometimes what they didn’t like. We are listening and we’re doing our best to respond. We never stop! Every suggestion is looked at and taken into consideration. It’s our fundamental belief to build from the ground up not the top down, meaning that feedback, positive or negative, is essential to developing the proper tools.

Many requests related to the ease of data entry, data storage, and the ability to add and sync multiple devices over different platforms. People asked that teams be able to share information and be kept up to date in real time. We’re listening and we’re working. That’s why…. we’re taking it to the Cloud.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to use a desktop, tablet, or Smartphone – Android and IOS – to access or share healthcare and caregiving information on many different levels to as many people as you want.

So…We’re reaching out to MedHelper users We want your help to build the cloud.

Send your suggestions to

Look for updates on the website.