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Med Helper is designed to require minimal input. For simple situations it can be configured in a couple of minutes. Use it to track prescriptions, refills, medications, doctors, pharmacies and relevant personal info such as allergies. Notifications alert you when it’s time to take medication allowing you to record the specific dosage, snooze the reminder or skip the dosage entirely. Can also be used to track dosages for take as needed medication to help stay within the recommended hourly limits.

Quick Start: Watch the Video
To add a single prescription that will notify you daily at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • From the dashboard select prescriptions.
  • Click add (+).
  • Enter a name to identify the prescription.
  • Select the schedule tab.
  • Click add reminder times.
  • Change the dosage to 2.
  • Click add reminder times again.
  • Click on the time button.
  • Set the time to 5:00 pm.
  • Set the dosage to 3.
  • Press save.
  • When you receive a notification click on it to record your actions. All overdue doses are displayed for the last 22 hours. For when you’ve been away from your phone.

  • Take: Will set all doses to taken with the recommended amount.
  • Snooze: Timers will dismiss and send a new notification after the selected duration.
  • Skip: Sets all doses to taken with a dosage of 0.
  • Close: Will dismiss notification.
  • Custom: Click a time to set the dosage to a custom amount.
    • Date and time being edited is displayed along top.
    • Long press a dosage to quickly skip it. Setting the dosage to zero and checking it as taken.
    • Click a check box to have a dosage recorded as taken and set dosage to recommended amount.
    • For a custom dosage enter amount then click the row’s check box.
    • Buttons along top will set all unchecked scheduled dosages to skipped or taken. With the recorded time equal to current time or scheduled time.
    • Undo will reset all dosages.
To fix any data entry mistakes go to Schedule from the dashboard. All upcoming and past doses are editable from there.

From the dashboard hit menu then preferences.
  • Chime: Toggles notification sound on and off.
  • Vibrate: Toggles notification vibration on and off.
  • Repeat Chime: Sets notification chime to be repeated until notification acknowledged.
  • Repeat Interval: Sets the repeat interval in minutes. Minimum value is 0.05 mins(3 seconds)
  • Notification Sound: Select a notification sound to be used by the app.
  • Test Notification: Click to simulate medication reminder.
  • Units of Measure: Controls how measurements are displayed.
  • Show hints: Toggle app hints.
  • Backup Restore: Saves and restores the database to the phones removable SD Card or internal storage depending on device model.

Multiple Profiles:
To start using multiple profiles, from the home screen select “Profiles” click add profile (+). Note that the home screen will look different when multiple profiles are available. The options on the home screen will show information for every profile. To access the full menu and edit prescriptions etc. Select profiles then choose the profile to work with. The full menu of options will be shown for that profile. To edit or delete the profile select “manage profile” from the profile’s sub menu.

Links to the different sections of the app. To quickly return click the MedHelper icon in the top left on available screens.

Shows a list of color coded doses for the current day grouped by scheduled time. Take as needed doses are colored light blue. The times in small font are when you set a dose status.
  • Orange: Overdue doses that haven’t been marked as taken or skipped.
  • Green: For doses that have been marked as taken or skipped.
  • Black: Doses in the future yet to be taken. Allowing you to take meds before the reminder goes off.
The left and right arrows allow changing days, the calendar button allows going to a specific day. The current day is displayed at the top.
Clicking a row allows setting the values for doses. This allows fixing mistakes and bypassing notifications entirely. From this screen long press a dose for additional options like changing actual time.

Med Log:
Same as Schedule except only shows taken doses. Times are sorted by the time the dose was acknowledged as taken. Not the scheduled time.

Take Meds As Needed:
This section is used to record unscheduled doses.
  • The filter button is used to hide prescriptions by status and type. Status is based on a prescriptions schedule end date. Active status has a schedule end date in the future. Inactive status has a schedule end date in the past. Type refers to schedule type, regular or take as needed.
  • The sort button allows sorting the list by prescription name, medication name or schedule end date
Select a prescription, enter a dosage amount then click the take button top right. A running log will be displayed for the last 24 hours for tracking totals. Any row can be edited or deleted by clicking it. Use the History button to the left of the take button to get a full history for that prescription.

Record vitals with this section. Data is displayed one day at a time. Use the filter button along the bottom to display a single vital.

Prescriptions are where you set up reminder schedules, track inventory and refills. The edit screen and view screen are the same except where noted.
  • The refill button brings up the refill interface.
  • The filter button is used to hide prescriptions by status and type. Status is based on a prescriptions schedule end date. Active status has a schedule end date in the future. Inactive status has a schedule end date in the past. Type refers to schedule type, regular or take as needed.
  • The sort button allows sorting the list by prescription name, medication name or schedule end date.
  • Prescription: Prescribed medication.
  • Medication Alias: Alternate name for prescription that can be displayed with prescription when there is room.
  • Prescription Number: The prescription code for ordering refills.
  • Instructions: Any special instructions from the pharmacist.
  • Reason: Reason for taking medication.
  • Description: Physical appearance.
  • Side Effects: Side effects and warnings.
  • Reactions: Adverse reactions with other medications.
  • Take With: Recommended food to consume with medication.
  • Start Date: Date prescription starts. Reminders are not generated before this date.
  • End Date: Reminders are not generated after this date. Prescriptions show up as black and are moved to bottom of list after this date.
  • Schedule Type: (Regular generates reminders at configured times) (Take as needed disables reminders)
  • Schedule Pattern: Repeating pattern. (Days, Months or by Day of week)
  • Interval: Number of days/months between reminders for day or month reminders.
  • Reminder Times: Reminder time and prescribed dose. Alarm check box allows disabling notifications for specific doses.
  • Refills Remaining: Number of refills remaining on prescription.
  • Refill Default Quantity: Quantity expected in subsequent refills.
  • Medication Unit: How doses are measured. (pills, mgs etc)
  • Lot Number: Medication lot number for recalls(etc)
  • Track Inventory: Enable/Disable Inventory tracking.
  • Inventory Date: Date and time of last Inventory audit.
  • Inventory Quantity:
    • EDIT – Inventory at inventory date. (this amount only changes when refills are added)
    • VIEW – Current Inventory. Calculated by subtracting any recorded doses with a date greater then or equal to the starting inventory date. Allows changing dose amounts. Only dates after the inventory set date will change current inventory.
  • Low Inventory Trigger: Notification sent when inventory crosses this value.
  • Track Expiration: Enable/Disable tracking expiration date.
  • Expiration Date: Expiration Date shows in prescription list when expired.
  • Prescribing Physician: Links to doctor.
  • Pharmacy: Links to pharmacy.

A quick way to process refills is part of the prescriptions view.
  • From the dashboard go to prescriptions.
  • Select a prescription.
  • Click refill button.
  • The values will be populated. If they don’t match the actual values update the numbers then click save.
  • The entered refill quantity will be added to the Inventory quantity.
  • The refills remaining number should match what’s on the refill receipt.

Create a list of doctors. You can then set a prescription’s prescribing physician drop down list, to one of the doctors from this list.

Create a list of pharmacies. You can then set a prescription’s pharmacy drop down list, to one of the pharmacies from this list.

This section works differently depending how many profiles are in use.
  • single profile:
    • View profile details, Controls to edit delete or add additional profiles are along top right.
  • multiple profiles:
    • View a list of profiles. Add new profiles from top right control. Select a profile to view profile dashboard from this list select manage profile to view, edit or delete profile.
  • Settings:
    • Timezone: Informational has no effect on app behavior.
    • Suspend: suspend option will disable all notifications for that profile until it is unsuspended. When multiple profiles exist suspended profiles will also be excluded from the merged sections on the home screen.
    • Vitals Tracking: disable vitals not used by a profile to streamline the vitals edit screen.

Record notes. Intended use is to track any reactions or concerns during treatment.

Record appointments and link them to a Doctor or Pharmacy. Use the early minutes field to have the notification go off early.

Enter an email address, Select the date range. Check off the desired reports and press export. Select the email program to use and press send. Data is exported as separate html pages sent as email attachments, best viewed in a web browser. The export process requires that the SD Card is available. Exported files can be found in the /apps/medhelper folder. The exported spreadsheet is in Excel 2000 format.