About Us

MedHelper is about healthcare and caregiving…

Starting out as a prescription/ medication compliance App, MedHelper is becoming a comprehensive healthcare and caregiving program building on the belief that better healthcare and better caregiving needs better tools. MedHelper’s undertaking is to listen, inform, empower and share through the elegant use of technology.

Our goal is to supply a toolset designed by you, the user, that is accessible over multiple platforms empowering caregivers and those receiving care by extending and simplifying the flow of information, allowing for greater ease of coordination and ultimately better care for those in need. We will do so by listening to our clients (you the user) by means of user feedback and by reaching out to health care providers and caregivers of all types, from individuals to organizations, to find out what they want and need. From there we will build the solutions with the latest forms of technology available, all the while keeping affordability, access, ease of use and practical functionality in mind.

Our mission is to become the foremost service provider of healthcare and caregiving management tools on the market.